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So it's... all better now.

Interestingly enough, they sent me a message yesterday and apologized for their behavior. They even admitted they were being an ass.

I atleast appreciate it. I prefer to have friends over enemies anyways.

Friend Update

Well. It turns out that friendship has really ended. Obviously when I got home I did try talking to them. Turns out, they were going to betray me anyways and just didn't care about it. Not even a little. In fact, just because I wanted to talk to them and TRY to repair the friendship has labelled me as obsessive to them. Oh... if I was obsessive, I think I'd be far worse than just wanting to talk.

Interestingly, after this, I talked with other people and I got more stories about how they've been an ass to previous people. Doesn't seem they care much for keeping friends, which is funny because they told me before they had trouble keeping friends that were loyal. Gee, now I wonder why. Maybe when they do grow up more, they'll realize their mistakes.

Thank you to everyone that offered kind words. I think I am better off without this drama, thank you.

Friendships gone wrong

I'm not sure what to do today. Kinda wish I was home drinking or something. I had a fight with someone I considered a good friend last night and now they refuse to talk to me. At all. It is a bunch of drama and a lot of things that should have been said but... I just can't help feeling depressed about it.

I actually feel scared I'll never be able to talk to this person again, even though there are things they did that hurt me. I know I must have done some things too. I guess I'm just one of those people that can't really say "screw you" to people I called friends when they do this. It keeps bothering me, even to the point I'm at work and I can't find the will to really do my work.

I guess I'll just manage somehow.


Hey, can anyone that reads my journal gimme some suggested music to listen to? I'm always open to hearing new stuff.

The terror of colds

I think I'm finally getting over this cold I've had the entire week. This is good. I hate colds >_< I'm surprised no one at work decided to throw me out because the whole company was freaking out over the swine flu.

In other news... um... not much. I sometimes find myself wishing I had someone that lived close to me around here so we could hang out so it's not just Dan and I >_< I need more entertainment in life.

Thoughts for today

Not much to report really. Still working. As much as I feel like an idiot in this place sometimes, my boss acts like a ditz sometimes and I want to strangle her. Umm, such is the fun points of a job. Atleast I have one and atleast I'm managing. Apparently I worked too fast today so I have nothing to do for the rest of my 4 hours. Although she told me I could leave early and there'll be more for me tomorrow.

I feel like going back to reading my book now.

During my lunch hour, I spend it reading a book I'm currently into. I was reading the Riley Jenson Guardian series earlier by Keri Arthur. They're a kind of sci-fi/horror romance series following a woman that's part werewolf and part vampire. There's danger and all that, but also some romance. I liked them personally. CURRENTLY I'm reading a book by one of my favorite romance authors, Shana Abe, entitled The Last Mermaid. This one goes on an old legend about mermaids and has 3 seperate stories that tie into one at the end. I really like her books, because she tells them with such an emotion. Yes, the romance stories are very much fantasy like, true love and all that, but what I like about her stories is that it's not all smut and raunchy. When she tells those scenes, it feels more like an act of love making than the act itself. I feel like a romance nerd.

I've yet to draw anything. My vibe is still nonexistant even though I've thought of things to draw. I just... I don't have that motivation anymore. I really can't say where it's gone. Perhaps someday I'll get back to it.

It's a different feeling having an apartment of your own with your husband. Yes. Definately an interesting feeling.

Speaking of him, his birthday is next month and I must ponder on what I shall be getting him.

I feel like such a boring person now.

And the 'how' is...?

Another one of those days. I swear, people that work in offices work too fast for their own good. So fast, in fact, that they expect me to know all the workings and give me crap to do without giving me the instructions on HOW to carry out the tasks.

I need more Tylenol to combat this headache.

EDIT: So I ask her a question that I had asked on Friday, concerning some documents she wanted me to check. On Friday she gave me a brief explanation that still made no sense, and when I pointed that out, she told me to post note it and then proceded to leave for the day. Today I go back and she looks confused like "Oh, we went over this before?" Ugh.. I'm going to tear my hair out.

EDIT 2: Since she still seemed to be no help, I asked another source. Surprise, she neglected to give me another record layout sheet so I could check these documents better. Now everything's much better and I don't have to bang my head against the desk.

Vandeis' little adventure

Alright, one of the things I enjoy doing on WoW is RPing and writing up little segments for my characters. This is one such, with my bloodelf hunter, Vandeis Ashblade. Now, he's quite the adventurer and in fact, his guild hardly ever hears from him because he's almost never in town except to pick up supplies when he needs. Otherwise, he camps out in the wilds.

Now, my writing is rather sloppy and probably not interesting, but I felt like sharing anyways.

Vandeis' MorningCollapse )

Rogues with loaded dice!

I'd like to share a great WoW loot moment that happened last night in Warcraft, and while it may be bragging, I also find it extremely hilarious, as did the other guy... even if his heart was broken.

I usually raid with my guild, but lately we've seen a lack in members so for this past week, I decided to hop in with a friend's guild as they went to do 25 man Naxx. Admittedly, my guild has only seen Thadd, Sapp, and KT down ONCE so going with this guild I had some high hopes. Now, I did indeed do every boss in this raid with them, and when we got to KT we did suffer a couple wipes, but we got him down. I play a rogue, so my head token is shared not with 2 other classes, but 3, which makes the chances on getting it very low. So, I rolled on it and what do you know, I rolled a 95! Now, as I'm cheering myself, I notice that the guild leader of this guild also rolled a 95... so this started a re-roll. He rolls out a 97, A 97!! I'm thinking "Oh damn, there's no way I can beat that!" and as he's practically cheering, I roll a 100... Just where the hell I pulled that out of is anyone's guess but... A 100!! He could have been a meanie (and probably rightfully so because he's the guild leader and guilds like it better when those in their guild get the tokens) and could have kept it, but he did give it to me. Now, I imagine how frustrating it is to lose tokens to a PuG, and especially if it's the guild leader that loses to a PuG! I expect a lot of hate for awhile, hehe, but fortunately, I've come to love them and the GL is still on speaking terms with me.

WoW 4 Life

Oh yeah. Know what? I still love Warcraft and it is an addiction I still happily enjoy <3 Even have not one, but two lvl 80s, a bloodelf rogue and still my cute nightelf druid. Shadow Council and Moonguard FTW!

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